Friday, November 16, 2007

The one with here we go again

And so the birthday preparations has started. I've met with Emily last Thursday to discuss Simone's cake. We got excited. This time we'll do cupcakes with different princess-themed designs. We'll have cupcakes with shoes, gowns, disney princesses, and castles as designs. I asked her to use solid colors, the darker ones and not the babyish kind. hehe. i want it to be really colorful and use the colors of the disney princesses gowns. :) sooo excited. she asked me about the venue...i had nothing to answer. hahaha. i think at the back of my mind, i have CVJ to book just in case I dont find something i like (read: budget)

As part of my surfing for simone's birthday needs, I found these nice-to-haves items for her birthday, which I hope to find in Divi when i go shopping. :)

cake plates
cake plates..nice noh?!

ariel mylar balloon
mylar balloons which im sure id have to order somewhere.

high chair
love this! im sure I can DIY this. :)

treasure chest (for loot bags)
loot chests??? whoa!

there, more ideas to come. oh i really hope i'd get to do some of these. hehe. but first, i gave myself next week to book the venue so we can start working on the invitations already. DIY syempre! :)

all for you baby...

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