Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The one with a tag

This one came from Rhea. thanks rhea, nakalikot ko rin wallet ko and realized how much trash i have inside it. hahaha.

A worn out Mango wallet i bought from my friend

some of the pics inside and a Starbucks planner promo

What's inside:
Cards (for security purposes, didnt post it na lang..hehe, feeling!)
~ Old and new company IDs, ATM card, 2 credit cards (1 active and 1 display purpose lang), driver's license, Shell fleet card, Insurance card of me and Simon's, SM Advantage card, Laking National Card, Sta. Lucia Discount Card, RCBC promo card
~ lots and lots of receipts
~ lots of calling cards from clients
~ Starbucks promo card for planner 2008
~ Bank transaction slips
~ NBI clearance receipts

literally no cash inside...hahaha...just coins! Alms, alms, alms, spare me a piece of bread... bwahaha

It's your turn hot mommas, I'm tagging Lea, Mec, and Cathy.

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