Thursday, November 08, 2007

The one with panic mode

It's only four months until Simone's first birthday and I'm kinda in a panic mode already...but still manageable. Simon and I have decided to work on a Disney Princesses theme so we'd easily get the paraphernalia we need, we can use a lot of elements like cinderella, snow white, ariel and more. I got pretty much excited when we came up with the theme. I was choosing between that and Sesame Street actually but we love the Disney princess more. (although i love elmo!)

Anyway, so far, here are what's on my mind. With a very, very limited budget, I hope i can execute everything according to plan.
~ I was thinking of having a crown-shaped invitation or a wand-shaped one with fur on its sides. The front part will show the details and map at the back. OR I can also do a scroll-type invite but I don't think it's fun to do or colorful at least. haha.
~ Was also planning on going to Divi to sort some items for the party.
~ I also dream to have treasured chests for loot bags, instead of the usual bags. or bags shaped like chests. haha. my goodness, how will i be able to do all these?
~ Then, I like every table to be thematic, more like Cinderella table with bits and pieces of the elements (shoes, pumpkin, prince, etc) or Ariel table (little mermaid theme)
~ OR have corresponding areas for every disney princess. But I dont think I can do this. haha.
~ Cake of course will be done by emily uy.
~ i like drapes, red carpet, and crowns for the kids
~ i like them to do their own crowns, for the craft part. and they'd get to wear it during picture-taking or the whole event if they want to
~ theme songs of disney princesses "Someday my prince will come", "A whole new world", "Part of your world", etc. with some parts where simon will mix simone's babbling with it, as if she's singing the song. (just like the music mix he did. haha)
~ motiff, pink and purple is nice. :) but it's not yet final. parang dull tingnan e.

Oh well, so much so for my dream birthday party. But I hope I'd get to execute some of it. Wish me luck!


Rhea said...

great ideas, sis! :) i'm sure, kayang-kaya mo i-execute lahat yan! :) goodluck! how was your meeting last night. sayang talaga, we missed it. next time ulit! :)

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