Thursday, November 08, 2007

The one with leggings

She's a big girl na...this outfit was given to her by her grannies, momsy and popsy. haha. the blouse is soo nice with all the bling-blings on it and they bought her a nice pair of leggings (which is a little big pa but nice) and i matched it with her clear kikay sandals (which i've been wishing there's one my size)

"don't you wish you had the same sandals as well?!" soo nice!

nakabakat ang diaper, hehe. love her smiles!

i hope she got my feet...

Simone at her 8 months has been pretty amazing. To keep myself on-track, here are some of her developments:
~ Two weeks ago, she learned to clap! so cute! grabe! at first, she does'nt get to meet her hands at times but she knows the concept already. she claps when she's happy and when we show her to do so. But sometimes, she does'nt clap even if you do it in front of her. she has her own timing. swerte na lang if matyempuhan mo, haha. thus, it was difficult to video it. but i've managed to do one. unfortunately, i cant upload it in my PC. :(
~ i'm assuming she's also getting the baby sign language i've been teaching her. the catch is, im the only one doing it to her so she does'nt know how to sign it yet. It's the sign "more". and im not pressuring her to do it since i know she has a lot to learn pa from her surroundings.
~ She knows Jollibee already! Just the other day, Nov. 6, and she was on her yaya's lap, we stopped at Shell along c5 beside jollibee resto. while gassing up, my yaya and i noticed she was smiling at someone or something. then we looked back and saw the big Jollibee sign! hahaha. it was sooo cool! she giggled and shouted as if excited to see jollibee. We knew she was looking at jollibee coz i tried to drove around and really saw that she was staring at jollibee. haha. i think it's because of the tv ads and when we hear the theme song, we dance around her, so she got to know jollibee early. But she knows ronald as well. :-)
~ Two of our friends already told us that simone has this "nakakaloko smile". more like a "pilya smile".
~ She gets more active as days pass... as in!

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