Friday, November 23, 2007

The one with fruits of my labor

Eight pounds...the fruits of my labor, the gain of my pain! hahaha. I weighed in the other night and found out that I already shed 8 lbs in a month. Not bad! I was scared to even try to weigh coz I might be disappointed of finding out if I did'nt lose a pound. Good thing, I lost naman kahit papano. And I'm back with eating veggies which hopefully would make me do it for two more months.

Simone is 9 months already! She had her regular check-up last Nov. 21 and had her measles shot. She has three teeth already with one more coming out. She can do her "bye-bye" sign already which we confuse with her "close-open" sign. haha. she makes faces and she adores Jollibee so much, and Barney also.

To celebrate, we went to eat out at Max's and she had her first Starbucks experience when I met up with my former officemates. haha. cute baby! laboy talaga!

Of course, the traditional cake will never be forgotten. although a little late this time since we joined it with our monthsary, she still had her cake. we had a Dexter's chocolate chip cake which was not that good by the way. haha.

I love surprises...and Simon knows this. Last night, he surprised me with this...

proteus bike
Proteus Cycle Magnetic Bike (he got the silver one for me)

I'm sooo touched! see, I'm really trying to be serious on this trimming down and he's very supportive to buy me this! super shocked talaga ako. actually, he claims that this is my monthsary/christmas/new year gift already. hahaha. he told me he was supposed to enroll me in a gym but he hesitated since he knew that I might not have enough "push" to go to the gym regularly. hehe. love you beh and thanks!

Simone had a return of the comeback allergic rhinitis the other day. huhuhu. and a slight fever came along with it last night. For two nights, I had half-wide awake sleeps since simone was kinda clingy and needy when she's sleeping. now, she's more okay. she has less colds, and no fever already. thank God.

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