Saturday, November 24, 2007

The one with SM Taytay

Went to the new mall last Nov. 18 (sunday) ng mabinyagan naman ang bagong mall ng rizal. hahaha. in fairness, i love the interior and the stores. very sosyal. it consists of two buildings, one for the stores and the other one for cinema and other recreation thingy. it was another gimmick night for simone since we just came to the mall so simon can at least say he had a weekend to spend since he was so busy he can't even enjoy his weekends with us.

christmas colors pala kme with baby on my sling...really love it!

mommy and baby the department store. hahaha.

"pa-order!" while waiting for our order at pizza hut


theworkingmom said...

Ang cute ni Simone, ang galing mo din mag-sling. Never really figured that one out. Sana sa next baby :) -- Joey

simon-jacque said...

hi joey! sanayan lang, i also thought i won't be able to use it often pero really love it! the wonders of babywearing! hehe