Saturday, August 30, 2008

The one with 18 months

Oopps, my online journal of simone's developments will not be complete if i don't do her 18 month milestones, so here it is:

~ She can take a picture of herself using a celphone cam. haha. she would get our phones and position it like when we're taking a picture of ourselves and count, "nyan, twu, dyi" and pose. :)
~ I could'nt track all her vocabulary already. More words keep coming out of her mouth everyday, amusing!
~ She has an admirable knack of imitating other people's actions and words. Do something and she will imitate it quickly. She may not exactly do the exact thing but she's aware of the concept. cool noh?
~ She still signs, she knows almost all the signs in the video. All her grannies and aunts/uncles are just so amazed everytime she signs. But the thing is, she does'nt do it when you asked her to. She only does it when it's needed which is the objective actually. But sometimes, I can make her do her show with her signing. haha.
~ She's talkative. She loves to talk to Barney, Elmo and her Ernie.
~ She's so malambing. She does the "muah" action where she kisses you or flies you a kiss with the sound "muah". When she hugs mommy, she has to hug daddy after and if ate maru is around as well, she has to hug ate maru also. Nobody taught her that. It's an instinct to her that she needs to give equal love to all of us. haha.
~ She counts already like this.. "nyan....five!" hahaha. she jumps two to four! Pero with signing yan ha, as in one with index finger pointed up and then five with five fingers up. cute!
~ She made a game which we name, "Where's the ball?" I dont know how she came up with this as again, no one taught her but she would hide a ball at her back with her two hands and ask us, "Whe-dya-bawl?" and after a while, she will show both her hands with the ball on one hand and will shout, "Dye-dya-bawl!" kulit noh! pero inglesera in fairness. haha.
~ She has mastered the shape sorter toy. she already knows shapes but it has to be me pointing her where to insert the shape and she will figure out how to.
~ She still loves books!
~ She already knows the concept of "babying somone" like when we ask her to put elmo to sleep, she will get a pillow, lay elmo there and touch elmo's head just like how we do it on her when we put her to sleep. haha.
~ She still loves daddy's keyboard and her love for music grows more evidently now.
~ Her attention span has grown to a full-movie length.
~ She already knows that she is an achie to Justin. And they are always excited when they see each other.
~ She has fourteen teeth already!
~ She does'nt use her bath tub anymore, she takes a bath while standing. Something that we should have done a long time ago. hehe.
~ We still have'nt started with the poopy training...i don't know how to start.

Keep on growing baby...we love you!

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