Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The one with I passed

There was a thread in my egroup about a home-based work for those who'd want to earn extra income. I got excited and thought, "heck, why don't i try it?" and i had the training last friday together with some of the mommies whom i exchange mails which turned the training into an instant EB. haha. It was a good training since they'd really teach you how to do your work as fast as you can. This work pays you depending on the number of assignments that you can do, of course quality is a priority too.

And I'm just so happy that I passed the exam. It was like I was taken back to my senior high school year waiting for the results of my UPCAT. haha. But since it took them three days to reply, I totally forgot about it came Monday until my co-trainee asked me if i got an email already. haha. But i'm glad i got in already. Will probably start on thursday. wish me luck! This is another challenge which i'm kinda excited to do. Excited because I'd get to be paid while reading, haha. Challenging though coz i have to master my time management skills in order to balance mommy duties, wifey duties, and business matters. Oh but I love the pressure and the hectic schedules. My mom, as usual, could not keep up with me and will always text me to remind me to drink my vitamins and to relax a little as I'm becoming my restless self again. I don't know, this is what makes me alive. haha. if i don't do anything, i'd bloat. :)

So if you happen to be one of my co-trainees too and you passed already, drop me a note alright?! hehe.


mari said...

congrats... sana ni-try ko din last week para kahit sa instant EB man lang ako nakabawi :)
hope to hear feedbacks about this ha, para sali din ako sa next training day nila (sana makahabol pa ako).

rowie said...

Hi Jacque!

I sent you a PM on your Multiply blog. (Not it's not about home-based work; it's about something else.) :)