Thursday, August 21, 2008

The one with buzz

Wake up sleeping blog! I know I have so many stories to tell, for one, i just had my birthday yesterday, haha. Happy birthday to me! We stayed in a hotel on the eve of my birthday and then just stayed at home the following day. Simon wanted to treat me out, but I was'nt in the mood. We did'nt even have a decent handa since we decided to move it til next week (this weekend is soo fully booked already with events) I thank God for He has added another year in my life and I pray that I'll always do what pleases Him.

What I asked for my birthday? Hmmm, nada! hehe, really! i did'nt ask for a new cellphone nor a digicam although i've thrown some hints before but realized that the budget won't allow us yet. I did'nt want another phone since I'm not the type. I mean, I don't even know how to resolve locked units to become unlocked cell phones, much more to dilly dally on the features and other wow factors any phone can have. I realized that I just wanted to be with my family, just bum and be a couch potato and never mind the emails and backlogs i have to attend to. okay, i might have done some work, harhar. (one client even went to the hotel to meet me regarding their event, haha) but it was still time well spent with my family.

More news to follow.

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