Sunday, August 17, 2008

The one with God's little angel

I don't have the right words to start sharing a story of how God touched and moved my heart when I met His little angel, Hannah Ysabelle. Hannah was born with a very rare condition, she cannot breathe when she's asleep. I met her mother in the net thru Janis and since then, everytime i'd visit Hannah's multiply site, it never fails to inspire me and move my heart of how their lives are, despite and inspite of their situation.

About three weeks ago, I thought about Hannah again and thought of visiting her site and found out that she's soon celebrating her first birthday. While looking at her pictures, I felt a strong need to email her mother but without anything in particular to say. As i was starting my letter, i realized that the reason why i wanted to email her was because I wanted to do Hannah's balloons for her party. I told her that it's the only thing i can give for her birthday. The following day, Joan (Hannah's mom) emailed me back with words of appreciation and thank yous. She could'nt believe how God was so perfect in timing. She read my message right after she prayed to God and cried because she wanted to give Hannah a party because she deserves to have one but could'nt manage to do so or at least start preparing for one. And my email, (not because of the balloons) was an assurance to her that God will provide for everything else and that she does'nt have to worry about anything. When I read her email, I was so happy and felt that God was there and He really uses strangers to touch each other's lives. I have been touched and humbled of how this family sees life as zestful as it should be. And it's just so contagious...

We went on with the party plans and exchanged a few emails prior to Hannah's party. On her birthday celebration, everything started on the wrong foot. We were all late, we got stuck in traffic, it rained really hard, it flooded, there was no electricity when we went to their house, hence, i was not able to start with the decors immediately. When the electricity's back, i only had thirty minutes to dress up their house. But God is good, my sister-in-law (Jane) and I managed to do three panels of floating balloons and lots of flower wall decors. we were able to put up the tarpaulin and set up their buffet table with the desserts. It was indeed a photo finish but everything's great!

I have'nt seen Hannah yet but I knew she'd go out of her room and meet her guests for a while. When she went down, I was so full of joy seeing her. She was in her red plain dress and she was soo pretty. I felt like I've known them for a long time already. And when she kept on looking at the balloons and was amazed of the pink and purple colors that she loves, I could'nt help but I held my tears back. I said to myself, "dont be such a baby, dont cry" hahaha. I took a picture of them before they went out to the guests. And everyone was just following her wherever she went. She was more of a celebrity or a Hollywood star with paparazis all around. haha. When carlo started the party with a prayer, I could'nt help it but tears just fell. I can still remember his prayer and it was something like this, "Lord, I remember exactly a year ago, Hannah was intubated for the first time and I prayed to you and asked you that you extend her life para maalagaan pa namin sya...and we thank you that she has reached this far...thank you for Hannah's life, thank you that Hannah has made all of us bring closer to You"

I was'nt able to spend ample time talking with Joan, nor with Carlo because we were all busy. But we thanked each other for everything. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet them. They are Faith in Flesh. Everything they do is faith in action. Their lives are just inspiring (i think insipiring is an understatement) and i'll forever be blessed with Hannah's spirit. She is a warrior and an angel. I know she will grow up to be a wonderful child of God.

God touches strangers to bless people they don't know. He uses these situations to let us know that love still thrives, love is still around and that you can give love even to strangers. They were once strangers but now, they're my friends. I hope we, at one point or another, make it a point to bless other people and touch their lives. Pay it forward and it will all come back to you.

Pictures to follow, as usual. I'm just excited to tell of the wonderful news.

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