Friday, August 08, 2008

The one with catching up

Got a lot of stories to tell but i could'nt find the time to blog them all, much so decide which blog to use, haha. My other blog's kinda suffering from a Multiple Identity disorder since i still can't figure what aspect of my life should be the main subject of it. and so i will forever be amazed at how some of my friends can regularly keep and maintain at least three blogs. bravo!

anyhow, i met up with con and jeng last thursday for our monthly mommies night out. ayn was'nt able to join us because of work. It's always refreshing to spend time with other moms who can relate with you when you talk about what diaper to use and what kind of camera should we invest with and other stuffs that we don't usually talk to with other friends. and of course, the never-ending struggle on how to lose weight. for the first time, i actually felt fine listening on stories about diet pills and other tablets that claim on giving you a better bod. I'm still hesitant on using one but it's comforting to know that there are such that have natural ingredients and depending on the kind of activities that you make, there are tablets that can fit your lifestyle. Maybe I'll just start with Fitrum first. haha.

It's just that whenever I decide to lose weight again, dinner invitations, parties and occasions to eat and bulge up our bellies come up. Just last night, we had a very sumptuous thanksgiving dinner. We had so much fun. Popsie shared God's word first, then, each of us prayed and we sang songs. Then we ate to our hearts' content. yummy food! we had kare-kare, chicken of two viands, pansit malabon made everything from scratch, and eclairs and cream puffs for dessert. wow! i had three servings, i could'nt believe it. haha. Your appetite seems to just increase when you get together with friends and families and eating while socializing is such a good time. haha, did i just mention i'm on a diet?! more harhar.

oh well...i have more catching up to do on dieting.

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