Saturday, August 30, 2008

The one with before this month ends

Yeah, I almost forgot to share my birthday and other events that transpired over the past weeks. Last year, we spent my birthday, simone's monthly birthday and our monthsary at a hotel with our families and close friends. This year, we just stayed at another hotel, just us. It's pretty unusual since we're used with spending special occasions with our families but the timing was just bad. The car's repair took so much of our funds that we did'nt feel like spending the moolahs over more food. But we promised ourselves to treat them once we're back on track with the moolah thing. haha.

But my friends gave me a semi-surprise gimmick. semi-surprise because we manage to do it every year to all of us but surprised since i was still surprised and touched with the gesture. super sweet talaga! Naan even managed to provide lootbags for us. haha. kakaiba! And as usual, my inbox was full with all the birthday messages. thanks to those who remembered. muah!

I was in constant denial about Naan and Jason leaving for China. For months, they've been waiting for the processing to be done and whilst waiting, we were all trying to shoo the idea of them being away for a long time or that China is just in Asia, it's so easy to go there when we want to see them. (if we have the moolah, haha) And when they finally announced the date of their departure, I could'nt believe that they are really leaving us. Of course I'm happy because I know that God intends this wonderful opportunity for them but sad because they're just far away from us. For seventeen years, the farthest distance that we have been apart is a two-minute walk and a buzz in their doorbell. When I moved to another place, the distance became a 15-minute drive. That's it! And it has always comforted me that all my friends are just within my comfort zone, that anytime i want to see them and be with them, we can always do so. But China?! Oh well, at least there's January to look forward to when they come home again for the holidays. I miss them so much! I miss Naan's effortless moves of her antics and jokes. Winner! She's the comic type that when she's not trying so hard to be funny and just be herself, we all laugh at her perfectly-timed lines but when she makes an effort to be funny, she becomes corny and we still laugh hard because of how corny she was. haha. We love you guys!

More stories to tell...Oh and let me be the first to greet... "Merry Christmas!"

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sunnysideup said...

you are so sweet mare, thanks! i really miss you and wish you guys are all here with us.