Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The one with not as domesticated

Of all the things I can do and have the passion doing, I just realized lately that I'm not as domesticated as I think I should be. And by domesticated I mean the household chores I expect myself to do or at least try to do. *harhar*

I notice I'm not the type who makes so much time cleaning and can't sleep at night knowing that there's dust lying around. I mean, I keep a clean home but sometimes(yeah right, sometimes), I leave up everything to our househelp. I love looking for pieces that would fit our humble home but at the same time, budget will dictate otherwise and will end up not buying anything so i was never the "oh-lets-shop-for-another-shoe-cabinet" mommy or "i-saw-this-in-home-tv-shopping" attitude. But I love to be like that! I love to be hooked with being the domesticated type. I guess part of the reason why is because we still don't own the house we're living and we're so praying that we will. So when that time comes when we can decide on what our house would look like, whether it will need a purchase of some spider traps or it will be as spic and span as it can be, it will all depend on us. And hopefully, I'd contribute to the cleaning part. ;)

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