Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The one with the juggler

The past week was so busy for me, I was so tired with all the errands, meetings and activities I had to do. To think that it was my birthday week. We did'nt have a decent celebration since I was'nt in the mood for it. Our second-hand car had to be repaired and cost us big time. It's like I was the one who gave the repair shop a birthday present. haha. But we need the car so we did'nt have a choice. So we decided to postpone any celebration until we have enough funds again for our kaprichuhan. We just stayed in a hotel (courtesy of my dad in law) and went out for dinner. We still had fun. Anywhere with my babies is fine with me.

Then came the events last weekend. I was so tired but I had a lot of fun. For a full account of the story, you can read here. Thank you rina, mark, janice and glen!

Aside from these, i had to submit my assignments in the abstracting thingy. I think I'd soon give this up. Seriously, I can't get the hang of it and it's taking so much time from me. I was used with paid blogging that I get paid while I write things I like which is so much fun anyway. But we'll see.

I got pimples from all the sleepless nights i had which i thought would lead to acne but thank God, it did'nt. But you know, I love the pressure! It will always keep me alive. I saw this image from Jenny's site and it's so like any mom I know. haha, the juggler of a family.

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