Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The one with 3 years

When I posted simone's video of her playing the piano at the Twinkle, twinkle song, I've gotten a lot of comments about how "talented", promising and gifted she is. A friend of mine who is a principal of a school even mentioned that we should enroll her to a music school so her skills can be honed. we talked about it and decided to park the idea until maybe when she's five already. :) we love the idea that hey, my kiddo may be really good in music but we also want to balance things around as she is only 3. :)

Moving on, the other day, another amazement gave us a pretty good laugh knowing that simone, at age 3, can follow different pitches of a song. you see, all along, we thought she'd only sing the songs at the pitch we're accustomed of hearing. Simon tried to raise the pitch a note higher and was surprised to hear that simone was able to sing it in the right pitch and not missing a note. He then lowered it half-note (man, i have a hard time singing on half-notes lower or higher) and she was able to sing it well. we were in awe. haha. we plan to video it too as a remembrance.

When she is asked what instrument she wants to play, she will answer with, "yung shoot...eehh...fyut pala" (flute) haha. cute! love you anak!

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