Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The one with growing up

These past few weeks, my sister in law Chell and her son Neyo have been visiting my in-laws on a regular basis. I really felt happy that the kids get to spend more time together. And seeing them playing together, tickling each other and just taking care of each other, I know that they will all grow up loving and protecting each other.

Neyo is a big baby. It's like he was given a human growth hormone because at 8 months, he looks strong, big boned. i love it when i make him smile. he has the cutest smile.

Justin is the singer and the hotwheel among the kids. he's so restless he cannot sit for five seconds nor stand alone not doing anything. he'd always run, jump and literally dive wherever he can. The reason why his mother would always put a high-pitched tone when taking care of justin. haha

Simone is the achie and im just so proud that she's aware of being one. :) she loves her cousins so much.

we love you kids!

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