Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with not another pound

I was so tired last night from a long day of parties that i bought a lot of "comfort food" on the way home. i bought ice cream, my favorite cheetos, and piknik. yummy! i know that i just spent a lot of money just to gain more pounds. Earlier that day, Lissa my former officemate, gave me pics she got from mama arlene and those pics were my pics before while i was in univet. man, was i sooo thin. i tried to go back to one of my first posts here in my 5-year old blog and this is what i found out.

i took that picture before my first trial make up and i can't believe that at that time, i never thought that i was thin. look at the collar bone and the long neck. waah!!! will i ever have that kind of body again?! (wishful thinking) i need a quick trim. i hope to meet the nutritionist my dad in law was talking about. i'm so excited to lose all the weight and at least get my pre-pregnancy body back. :)

am i shooting for the stars here??? haha.

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