Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The one with bohol 2010 day 1

I'll try to post this in multiple entries so as not to crowd one entry with lotsa pictures.


If there's only one thing that we think is the downside of having an out-of-town birthday celebration, it's that we were'nt able to bring the whole family (including titas, titos and cousins) im sure it would have been uber fun!!! but maybe on the next trip ;)

We left Manila at 530am and i was so proud i was able to pack just one, as in one and only luggage for the three of us. i felt so proud, i thought of myself as a very good and wise traveler. haha. i didnt even have to buy one Titan luggage for our things. so that's one big luggage, one bag for me, one backpack for simon (for all our techie stuff) and one portable plastic container for simone's milk bottles. cool!

Simone is the perfect travel buddy. Our prayer was answered and she was soooo behaved during the flight. i really felt that time that she'd grow up to be a stewardess after having to see her how she runs inside the airplane when the seatbelt sign is off, asking for water when the stewardess first time passed by our seat, as if knowing what to say. and i never even had to distract her with anything. when we were off to bohol, i actually tried to divert her attention to the airplanes outside so she would'nt feel the pressure in her ears while taking off. but man, i noticed she did'nt need to be diverted at all. she knew pretty well that we'd be flying off, "with the clouds" and that she even said goodbye to all airplanes still on land. haha. winner!

"i'm reading ma, dont disturb"

simone with all her grannies

I gotta say she was also so behaved since she was with all her grandparents. she felt secured and contented. :)


We were greeted at Bohol Beach Club with this...

simon did'nt want to leave the resort anymore. he just wanted to go to the beach, lie down under the sun and relax. i, of course, felt that a bohol trip ain't a bohol trip if we won't be going to places. so i got the ordinary tour from the hotel at 3,400.00 for a whole day trip with driver/tour guide, entrance fees excluded. i thought it was a good deal. we were able to visit chocolate hills, the tarsiers, souvenir shop, loboc river (but since we had to wait for an hour, we were'nt able to do the floating river thing coz we were all super hungry!)

grannies at choco hills...we had to transfer though. everyone's piled up at the good spot. hehe

enjoying the tour! simone walked up the steps for the first half, the other half time???i carried her! gosh!

posing on the rock...literally on the rick. hehe

we had to stop here...super nice kasi. the big, vertical trees had to be included in our album :)

only in bohol...

and since our first day fell on simone's exact bday, we had cake for her during dinner.

i think almost all the guests in BBC that night knew it was her bday. haha. we had to sing the song 4 times, she had to blow her candle four times too. kaloka!

simone just turned 3!

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