Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The one with loving it

Ever since I left the corporate world and ventured the world of party planning, i've always felt blessed of having to benefit from what they say, "the best of both worlds". And i can only list down some of the things i love about my job:

~ i never have to wake up as early as 5am everyday!
~ i can always schedule my meetings at my most convenient time
~ i work on very flexible hours
~ i can work wearing just my PJs
~ no one would know that i have'nt taken a bath while working, taking calls, online meetings, etc
~ my monday is my saturday. what maybe the busiest day for most of employees is my sacred rest day. :)
~ malling days don't have to be just weekends
~ what best way to earn than by doing parties for others and going to parties every week!!!
~ i get to meet different people every week
~ i'm a proud hands-on mom!

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. :)

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"Q" said...

Can't say it enough but I really admire you mare! :)