Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with free pizza

I read a book about how to be financially free. and after reading the book, i cancelled all my credit cards and never thought i'd see it as a good influence to me. but i chanced upon another article about how you can maximize your credit card and be able to get good deals with it. i tried to read more about it and learned that it only takes a regular updating and checking of your account. we paid our balance payment of our bohol trip using simon's credit card. it was a good 12k and after receiving the bill just today, i saw a promo of greenwich that give you a free family pizza with an accumulated receipt of 10k. cool! i immediately remembered our bohol trip and told it to simon. luckily, we were on our way to the mall so we had a free pizza meal courtesy of our credit card. it's not bad after all. :)

other freebies when you use your metrobank card are the ff:
- free baked macaroni for a single receipt of 2k
- free double pizza for a single receipt of 5k.
- free family pizza for accumulated receipts worth 10k. the value of our pizza was 400 pesos.

cool! now all i have to do is to read all the promos offered by these credit cards. :)

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