Thursday, March 04, 2010

The one with eco-friendlier

The other day, while doing my grocery in SM, i used my eco-friendly bags instead of their plastic bags. It was a conscious effort to bring the bags instead of just using the plastic bags. I felt good having to "save the environment" the little way possible. We also shifted to using recycled papers and buying more organic stuff, organic vegetables, organic soaps, organic shampoos, etc. My dad's Amway products are better alternatives.

I also found out that there are more eco-friendly inks that we can try. i was actually surprised to read about Anilox roll cleaning which are ecologically safe products.

I think it's not an easy transition to be more responsible in taking our part in caring for mother nature. But i'm sure we need not be advocates or members of any eco-groups to do our part. we just have to know where we can contribute the best way we can. :)

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