Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The one with bohol 2010 day 2

Our second day was spent at the beach. And it was just soooo peaceful, serene, and anything relaxing that we can think of and feel. We felt so blessed that we were able to spend it with our parents and of course, our daughter.

the swimming pool. nice!

I booked three rooms for us. we got standard rooms at the hotel. But i felt that it would have been better if we booked a villa instead. although come to think of it, we had separate TVs, separate bathrooms, separate rooms, major privacy (read: honeymooning! haha) and separate doorbells that we'd use to dingdong each other when it's time for sun-bathing again. haha.

we had a good family time together. i spent some time in the water with my moms, and simone (aka girls' time)

just the girls

and of course, more private time with the husband. yihee!

i also love our mother-daughter bonding moments....

SOOOO much fun! i really hope we can do it again. Thank you Lord for the perfect trip! :)

and to you simone, we love you. thank you for your love, for making us feel how it is to be parents... and making it a little easier for us...at times. hahaha. God bless you anak :)

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