Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with some rains

Lately, we've been having rainfalls and some gloomy days amidst the summer heat. the gloomy days added to the three consecutive events in our family: the passing away of simon's lola, my mom's tendonitis and simone's suspected chickenpox.

~ Nanay passed away last March 10. It was our thanksgiving day and we went to my in-laws' house. when i went there, i saw that she was struggling for breath already and they hurried her to the hospital. we were so sad but we still did'nt expect that it will be the last time we'd see of her. Simon is Nanay's favorite apo. and by favorite, preparing simon's school uniform when was he was a student and preparing his food was only some of the things she used to do for Simon. She was really expressive of how she always favored simon so her passing brought back many good memories to simon, of how he was loved by her grandmother. Thank you nanay for taking care of my husband and thank you for raising him to become who he is now. we will definitely see you again.

~ Last wednesday, two weeks after nanay's passing, my mom had a terrible pain on her arm and eventually went on to her back. i was alarmed. she asked that she'd be taken to the hospital already. at the emergency room, we waited and found out that it was tendonitis. we'd have to bring her to an ortho doctor after her medication and check if she needs therapy so it won't have to go back. seeing my mother in pain was hard. it was a realization that our parents are really growing old. My mom thanked me for taking her to the hospital, taking care of her. I told her it was nothing. I thought to myself, she took good care of me while i was growing up, it was the least i can do for my parents.

~ Just the other day, simone had rashes on her body. Simon feared it to be chickenpox but i shooed the idea right away, thinking later on that i was in denial. We had her checked that day and the pedia made an initial diagnosis that it might be chickenpox. i was so sad finding about it and prayed that i hope it goes away right away. the pedia admitted that she can't really diagnose it as chickenpox since the possibility of a heat rash is also evident. i, of course, leaned on the idea of a heat rash. until now, she only had about ten rashes (yes i counted one by one) but i really hope everything turns out better.

I know that there are some rainy and gloomy days, that days like these you'd just wish there's an instant cure for hair loss among cures for so many things. But more than anything, after a rainy day will always be a bright and sunny day. :)

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