Thursday, March 04, 2010

The one with being an adult

I, as a mom, feel very democratic (if this is the better word) in raising simone. It is not in my system to tell her what she can't do, can't touch. after all, someone, if not me, is always around to watch her. that's why we do things together like i let her "wash" dishes. by wash it would mean soaking her bottles in water until her shirt is soaked in water as well. I let her cook and stir. I hold her hand while stirring and explain to her that she can only do it when mommy is around. When doing the grocery, I ask her to get the things we need and one time, the cashier even let her hold the ls2208 barcode reader. I let her water our plants, help me feed ross and other things that other kids her age are'nt allowed to do so.

My parenting skills may be a little more than the ordinary and I know that there are certain limitations with the "freedom" we give her. I know that we can't as in never leave her out of sight except when we know that she is totally in a kid-friendly environment. But come to think of it, it's every parent's golden rule to never leave their kid out of sight so i guess it's not really a limitation after all. :)

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