Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The one with busy or holy???

Have you ever wondered why we tend to busy ourselves during the holy week? we wait for it with much glee only to find out that we'd take a long vacation going places, scheduling things that we can't do on other regular weeks, think of books to read, movies to marathon with, springclean the house, or declutter the closet. And before we even know it, the week has passed already. I realized about this just the other day while i was talking to the husband and made a comment of how i want to clean the house during the holy week and he shared how he'd clean the car spic and span too. then we suddenly realized that we have this tendency to busy ourselves with things on days that are supposed to be for remembering what Jesus did for us. What I did was freed my schedule from meetings, only delivered custom travel mugs yesterday for a client. I plan to do things until wednesday but clear our schedule from thursday until black saturday. I know that we can always remember about Jesus' sacrifice not only during holy week, but it would have been a better idea if we make sure that at least once a year, we have devoted more time for Him. :)

Have a blessed holy, not so busy week everyone!!!

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