Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The one with it has begun

Okay...this is the first time i'll be talking about my weight as detailed as i need to be. I'm 30 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. yes, 5 lbs more and i'm in the same weight as i was when i was on my 9th month pregnancy with simone. I never felt lonely about it before until i realized that i cannot enter a store that does not have Large sizes, nor fit a free size blouse without the saleslady's ma'am-this-wont-fit-you look. I felt sad, really and tried to shoo away the feeling by dressing up and accessorizing but inside, i missed my old frame and my old self where i can just wear what i want to, and feel lighter.

So i consulted a nutritionist and she asked me about my blood type. My blood type is B+. And these are the things she told me about which i think can benefit those of you who would want to lose weight and have the same blood type as mine. believe me, some of the things she said shocked me.

~ CHICKEN is my worst enemy. as in. she specifically told me not to eat chicken for a month just so i can appreciate the weight loss. chicken apparently eats corn and this is the second in my list. Apparently, my blood type does not digest chicken well and transforms it to fats an eventually becomes toxins in my body...aka bulges.

~ CORN - did i mention that i loooovvveeee corn. as in in all forms, popcorn, sweet corn, buttered corn...hmmm, makes me drool now. but yes, this is my 2nd enemy. and the war has really begun

~ WHEAT - this gave me a big whoa?!-are-you-kidding-me look. my nutritionist even told me that i can eat rice, as long as it's brown rice but never wheat bread. everything that i've been eating trying to lose weight is non-sense. no wonder i did'nt shed any pound at all.

So what are the things that i can is the list:
yogurt -- good thing i love this
flax seed - i dont even know what this is
watermelon - my favorite!
grape juice
lemon water - naks, sosyal
sardines - biglang naging j-lo. hehe
lamb - sosyal ulit. haha

she also gave me a list of supplements that i can take. a total of 15 tablets, everything 3x a day. whew! but i have to do this if i want to slim down. i even hung notes in our door hangers reminding me no to eat sweets, drink iced tea nor eat chicken! hahaha...

so from this day up to my 30th day, i will give a detailed summary of how my day went so people who are interested with the same program can have a peek of what to expect.

And yes, the war has begun!!!


"Q" said...

i wish i got to read this blog post first before i invited you for dinner waaah

bernardandclarice said...

hahaha! ako naman bawal ang watermelon sabi ng nutritionist ko. :)