Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The one with a new hobby

Movie marathon has always been a favorite pasttime for us. we love watching movies. and when we bought the LCD tv for the living room, we knew we're gonna be in for so many lack-of-sleep-nights. haha. we start watching tv when simone has dozed off already and it's very seldom that we get to finish a movie but for weekends and during day time, we can finish about two movies straight as long as our daughter won't bug us to change the cd.

And just last week, my ever creative and techie husband found a way to watch movies without using DVDs at all. he just put about 30 movies in his ipod and viola! i thought he needed to buy memory of some sort or upgrade the ipod but he was able to maximize it. winner!

And just last sunday, we bought a 2-seater super soft leatherish sofa to go with our new hobby. i really wanted the 2-seater recliner chair but 20k for a piece of sofa (not even a set) is too much so we settled for a 2-seater "normal" chair but feels good to sit on. :)

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