Monday, March 22, 2010

The one with playdate

I just got home from the mall and spent the day with my husband and daughter. we went to a playroom again and had a good playdate with the other kids there. it was fun playing with the other kids as in to the point that they'd be all over you just so you'd notice them. we played "shopping game" and then played hoops and balls, slides and play house. i'm a keen observer especially with kids. and by simply looking at how they behave, i come to semi-analyze how their personalities are as kids. I've noticed some kids who bully just so you'd notice them, i noticed some who seem to be the "ate" and the leader and the kid who is loved and "played with" the most because he/she is the youngest. in this case, it was my daughter who was their doll. haha. at first, no one wants to play with her. but eventually, all the other kids came to her and wanted to play with her. nalilito tuloy sya where to go and what to do. haha.

i just love playdates! You just need to have the best multivitamin so you'd be able to keep up with them :)

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