Thursday, October 28, 2010

The one with 38

It's Popsie and Lola's 38th anniversary today! I did'nt realize that October is such an occasion-filled month for our families.  We had like three major events that we celebrated and the diet was ruined. (what diet?!)

we had a simple dinner at their house. No need for chair slipcovers, we ordered food from Isaw Haus, bought pizzas from Shakey's, and i bought cake from Conti's.  I also bought hotdogs to experiment on the corndogs. yummy!  we also made fried cookies ala mode. yummy! we had sugar overload with all the desserts. :) The conti's cake was a hit. super yummy and it was really a chocolate overload.

Happy anniversary popsie and lola! May God continue to bless your marriage. We love you!

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