Monday, October 04, 2010

The one with Compuserve, not to serve

I just want to rant.

My HP mini's hinges were broken so we  went to compuserve to get it fixed as they are the store recommended by HP itself.  I brought it last September 22. Upon receiving the item, the guy told us that it will only take us about 3 days to wait until we know the problem and what they will do with it and then if it's just the hinge problem only, we'd wait a maximum of one week. then we're ok with it.

Three days passed by and no one was calling me so i called only to find out that they have'nt opened the unit yet or inspected it.  I waited for another week and still no progress, it's the same condition as to how we left it there.  And then came another week. It's almost three weeks when we decided to just pull out the item and we did'nt pay anything.  I was so upset over the phone when i talked to a lady and told her "Dean shoould'nt have told us about waiting for 3 days" and then the super sarcastic girl replied "Ah si dean po yun, ako po hindi ko po sinasabi yun sa clients". and i went "i dont care about what you do, i'm talking about compuserve as a whole. kung di pala marunong si dean, fire him." that's how mad i was.  I felt like all my blood was rushing to my head and my fats were boiling, it will be like those quick weight loss pills in action. hahaha.

We pulled it out last night, October 4 and nothing as in nada was done on it. i wasted 3 weeks on that store. So i had to look for another shop and found SST shop. they told us about the 3 days repair period again and i specifically told them to be sure about the 3 days or else. hahaha. I can't afford not to have my PC with me  as it is the only thing i use for partyboosters. i feel so helpless without it.  now im thinking of buying one. hehe.

So there, i therefore conclude, Compuserve, NO SERVE.

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