Monday, October 25, 2010

The one with movie review -- Extraordinary Measures

Rating: 5 stars

 It's been a while since i posted a movie review. I love this movie.  I love Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford so much.  Brendan's acting was just so believable.  How he cried, especially the scene when he found out that his kids will not be given enzymes for the clinical testings.  I cried like a well.  My eyes were swollen when i woke up this morning.

"From his working class roots, John Crowley has finally begun to taste success in corporate America. Supported by his beautiful wife Aileen and their three children, John is on the fast track. But just as his career is taking off, Crowley walks away from it all when his two youngest children, Megan and Patrick, are diagnosed with a fatal disease. With Aileen by his side, harnessing all of his skill and determination, Crowley teams up with a brilliant, but unappreciated and unconventional scientist, Dr. Robert Stonehill. Together they form a bio-tech company focused on developing a life-saving drug. One driven to prove himself and his theories, the other by a chance to save his children, this unlikely alliance eventually develops into mutual respect as they battle the medical and business establishments in a fight against the system and time.But, at the last minute, when it appears that a solution has been found, the relationship between the two men faces a final test - the outcome of which will affect the fate of John's children." (Yahoo, News)

If I must say though, it was unusual for me to watch Harrison Ford as a doctor, moreso, a biochemist.  He was convincing enough with all the terms he used discussing about pompe disease, terms he used like glucosamine chondroitin msm and other medical terms made him like a dork, haha.  I guess I was just used to watching him as Indiana Jones.

While watching it, I was praying that Crowley's kids will survive.  It's very moving how optimistic they were about their situation and showed that their lives are faith in flesh.  He gave up everything to save his children.  After watching it, I began to think that I should be more grateful that God gave us a healthy kid.  That I would'nt have to worry about her turning nine (Pompe kids were believed to have a life span of nine years) and that i need to think about these things whenever i'am at my wits end trying to make simone obey me or trying to make her stop from being so restless.

A lot of things to it. :)

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