Thursday, October 14, 2010

The one with bargains

I so love bargains. It makes me always feel like I spend my money wisely (or most of the time, my husband's money -- hahaha) and when one n@wie shared a link for cash cash pinoy site, i was so intrigued.  And true enough, i visited the site and found really nice deals. They have deals that they only offer on the day itself, like the first one i bought was a 50% off spa at Verdance Salon in Rockwell. I really thought this is a good deal.  Sometimes, they offer products on sale too. Like showcasing the best acne product, or 30% off on certain items. But the bottomline is you get to save really or they just make me think i was able to save??? harhar.

check the site here: and join so i'd have P100 for your first purchase. hahaha, of course there's a catch! bwahaha

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