Monday, October 04, 2010

The one with simone's funny answers

Simone is 3 years old and 8 months. She's very smart that she answers like an adult, it would make you laugh.

Scene 1: (daddy and simone together, simone did'nt listen to daddy)
Daddy:  Simone, if you don't do that, daddy will not buy you a toy anymore.
Simone: Eh di si mommy na lang! ("oh and then mommy will buy one")

Scene 2: (mommy and simone together in a mall)
Simone: Mommy,gusto ko yan. please buy.
Mommy: No. we don't have budget for that, wala ka naman money e.
Simone: Meron ako money (I have money)
Mommy: Where?
Simone: Dyan sa wallet mo. (In your wallet)

Scene 3: (achie and simone together in the church and achie introduced her to a fellow pianist)
Achie: that's tito joel, he knows how to play piano too like daddy.
Simone: Mas magaling daddy ko dyan. ("My dad's better than him")

Kids really say the craziest things... hahaha...

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Jill said...

Hahaha! I love you Simone!!!