Friday, October 15, 2010

The one with weekend sale

Almost all of the malls have weekend sales! as in! so tempting to go out and look for the best buys but ever since i became a work-at-home mom, i've always preferred weekday malling. In fact, our familu day falls on a monday, where everyone else is busy going back to work. haha.

And what better way to perfectly time a sale with your christmas bonus. hahaha. i used to enjoy a 3.5month bonus before but i got used to not getting any and just enjoy what my husband gets. haha. nakiki-join na lang. :) he texted me that he got half of it already and then came a line...iphone??? or xbox 360? or ipad? and to which i replied with a "what's that again???!!!" hahaha. every year, there has always got to be a new gadget for him. i wonder what it will be this year.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe and fun shopping weekend!!! :)

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