Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The one with almost five

I was reading one of my  favorite blogs and he posted an entry about their weekend getaway in batangas.  I did'nt know batangas has really nice resorts now and i tried to surf the resort they stayed in and others he mentioned and thought to myself, "why this will be a nice way to celebrate our anniversary"

Yes, december 22, 2010 marks our 5th anniversary. can you believe how time flies so fast. as in i still could'nt believe that almost five years have gone by.  :)  The resorts i checked are really, really nice. (haha, change topic agad) Acuatico resort in San Juan, Batangas really left a good impression.  I got interested with the place. As in it's perfect for a family getaway, a good place with a nice pool and beach...even more perfect for renewal of vows! It would'nt be much like Orlando vacations i'd read about but it will be as memorable as well. :)

I showed it to my sister in law last night (yes, she got to know about my idea first than my husband...oh come to think of it, i havent told it to him yet. hahaha) and she was loved it too! For proofs of what i'm talking about, I got some pics from my favorite blog.  hope we can go here soon! :)

On second thought, will it be a good time to go there in december??? hmm...

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