Monday, October 25, 2010

The one with shopping starts early

Every year, I promise myself that I'd shop a little earlier than anybody else to avoid the christmas rush. It took me about two christmas seasons to finally get the hang of early christmas shopping. hahaha. I was so miserable before, i'd buy gifts like two weeks before christmas and everybody's in a rush already. waah. Now, i've scheduled doing a partial shopping with achie next week. She always wants to go with me everytime i shop. haha. As in bringing all the shopping bags and walking around are things she look forward to when we go out. But whenever we shop together, i don't buy gifts for them. It's so hard to buy gifts for family. I always find myself looking for xmas gift ideas for mom, or what things dads love. Always, always, mind-boggling. hehe

This year is also different as we have assigned a specific budget for our godchildren. The list keeps on going and we'd be drained if we buy them all their "luhos" (vanity items). hahaha.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Happy shopping!

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