Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The one with best deals program

I'm hooked with two new sites that i visit everyday to check what's the latest promo in the metro.  And i'd like to share it with you.


These two sites work about the same way.  They offer really tempting promos for as high as 80% discounts. pretty cool right? But here are my unsolicited advices to help you before you purchase a transaction

1.  Make sure to call the merchant or the store offering the promo.  There are contact numbers listed and confirm about the promo.  There are reported instances that they can also offer almost the same promo even if you're not a member, thus, defeats the purpose of availing the said promo thru these sites.

2.  Read the terms and conditions of the merchant or store. Dont be easily swayed with the price-offs without reading the terms and conditions

3.  Other than that, you can enjoy their promos!

I tried buying one thru paypal and spent $4 or 175 pesos for a massage in a salon in rockwell. I have'nt used the voucher yet but got excited about the price. haha.  I just hope they'll offer more promos from other companies, or better yet vacations or family getaway promos.  Would love to avail those, be it in the philippines, Branson vacations or any other place.

Click on the links above and see for yourself. :)

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