Monday, October 18, 2010

The one with a peek

If you read my last post about faith in highest form, yesterday, we dropped by there and took a peek of what it would look like, aka the model house. yes last month, we reserved for our OWN house and lot. GOD is really, really good!  It was the same feeling as when we bought our first brand new car.  And the same feeling when i resigned from the corporate world.  The feeling of excitement that God has taken you to another level of Him manifesting in our lives, relief that you are entrusting everything to Him.  But i won't lie, there was also this tiny fear of a huge responsibility ahead, not knowing what lies ahead.  But you know what, that's what God loves.  He loves to see how we respond to these things and loves that we hold our future in His hands. :)

So when we went there yesterday, the model house is almost done.  So we're so happy that soon, we'll have something like that too :) yipee! thank you Lord!

Now we're making a piggy bank for "The Tan's house" just so we could add it to our account intended for the house.  The purpose of this is that when we have change or when we want to buy junk food, we will always be reminded to put these in the piggy bank and save. haha,  i hope this will turn out to be one of the best weight loss products invented. :)

More stories to come! :)

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