Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The one with trick or treat - 2nd

It's the same venue that we had to go to -- Fun Ranch.  And this event is sponsored by my sister-in-law's company at Sykes.  We generally had fun.  We used my dad-in-law's car going there because our Vin's battery is breaking down on us and we need to have it replaced.  Good thing though that it's still under warranty. It's just a hassle having to bring it to the casa and unfortunately, they don't have a spare battery to replace Vin's battery so Vin had to stay there until the get one.  I felt like looking for a battery is like looking for one of those Ferrari parts since they needed to call a lot of battery offices to confirm if they can have it replaced..  I hope it won't take that long.

Anyway, we started the day dropping by my sister-in-law's office to meet her officemates and they gave some treats to the kids. :) It was cute.  Simone and Justin were on their matching Woody and Jesse outfits. soo cute and adorable! Then we headed to Fun Ranch and stood in line for registration.  The expected kids are 650 so an expected crowd of over a thousand were there. The were shows, free rides, free food (spaghetti and hamburger), free popcorn and cotton candy, free photobooth and treats! Simone had her pumpkin full from the  lootbags given by the sponsors and while we were waiting on the photobooth line, we were going thru the treats munching some of them. hahaha.

We rode the train that justin loves so much. And then the carousel which simone loves too.  Although it was raining and there were a lot of people, we still had fun. :) Thanks bebs!

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