Thursday, October 28, 2010

The one with trying to make it right

I'm here again with my weight loss issues (yes, it has become an issue already!) and after all the eat outs and my post entries about family gatherings, now i feel guilty of all the weight i know i'd gain a few days from today. sigh. i started doing a small exercise routine that my husband taught me. heck, dont judge me. it's really a simple routine. i can't start with the high-profile ones just yet.  I know the right attitude is needed for this to be effective. Think sexy jacque, think! haha. My weighing scales (yes in plural form) will indicate the same hideous weight that i'am in now. i'd have to say hideous so i'd get motivated to do something about it.

i really hope simone got her dad's body frame and metabolism...hahaha.

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