Monday, October 25, 2010

The one with 59 years

When children are asked who do they love the most, i think about 90% would answer their moms. And the same is true as to how i feel about my mother. although my love for my husband is on a different level, my love for my mom is at its highest. She may not probably feel it the way she should but she knows that we all love her. While I was growing up, I've always made a way to strangle with my mom, literally and figuratively. I think it's because we're so much alike that up to now, when we have our differences, i just stop and rethink before i answer her back knowing that we clash because we are so alike. :)

I love how my mom was so hands on with us. She was a working mom but she managed to tutor us and help us with our assignments. We did'nt have a maid since high school and she's the only one preparing all our "baons" (meals) and our uniforms before she prepared hers. She was always there, always have been. :) I miss the times before when she would take me shopping after examination week, and buys me clothes as reward for my hard work. We were movie buddies. We love to watch and eat out after. We used to have regular dates and girls night out. It all changed though when i got married and all my time were focused on my own family. I know she missed those times too.

So when we went out for dinner for her 59th birthday, it was just so fun being together again with my whole family, just luaghing at each other's corny jokes (usually the corny ones come from my dad), eat to our heart's content and just have a really good time. My kuya (elder brother) gave her lots of gifts. It was like a kitchen showcase -- a pricey knife set, a blender for mom's green juice and a whistling kettle. haha, told you it's like a kitchen showcase. I, on the other hand, did'nt know what to buy for her. I wanted to buy her shoes, not like those algeria shoes (would'nt fit her age, ahehe) but did'nt exactly know what her size is now. I also considered buying a bag for her but i found out she has'nt even used the one i bought for her last christmas. she said she's saving it for a more formal occasion. harhar. So i ended up paying most of the bill that came out from Red Crab, which by the way, is sooooo yummy!!! i love the food there!

Happy bday mommy! Pictures to follow!

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