Monday, October 18, 2010

The one with it doesn't fit

Haha, for weeks, we've been on the lookout of what gown to buy for Kookie's wedding.  And honestly, i want to get it over and done with as it's painstakingly hard to try out gowns and look at yourself in the mirror thinking that i have bulges all around. bwahaha. so when sta. lucia had a sale, i saw this nice beaded fuchsia gown and tried to fit it.  when i did, i could'nt close it on the bust area. hahaha. it was a perfect fit to waist and down but i just could'nt close it.  You know what i still did? I bought it. At least i'd be pressured enough to lose weight and hope that i could eat all the hoodia i could.

But what if it does'nt mom in law is a seamstress, i'm sure she can do the magic. *wink*

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