Thursday, October 28, 2010

The one with battery included

Our Vin is only 10 months old and when one morning, I had a hard time starting him, I wondered what the heck happened. He just had his 15km check up, impossible naman that it's an engine problem.  And so it was, we needed to have the battery replaced as it became defective.  Good thing though it's under warranty.  I had to give credit to Mitsubishi evolander branch here in taytay.  I know it's customer service pero it's not the branch where we got our car, and the problem that we had was not even an engine problem but a battery problem that they had technically no connection with. But they accepted our request and did'nt charge us of anything. as in nada. all customer service. katuwa :)

Getting the car now was the problem.  I was using my dad in law's car that time when they called me and asked me to pick up the car already.  I don't know how to drive two cars at the same time. haha. so when i got our car, i parked it in front of mitsubishi, told simon's uncle to pick up our car there. he did'nt know where it was so i gave specific instructions that it was just in front of Federal hardware where he always buys our things for our party set-ups, it's not as complete as a Baldwin hardware but at least everything we need can be found there. :)

Glad Vin is ok na, perfect for the weekend parties again :) Thank you Lord!

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