Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The one with Howl-o-walk

For Simone's first trick or treat event this year, we were able to go to Fun Ranch's Howl-O-walk event last Oct. 24, 2010.  Before i post their pictures (which are still in the husband's phonecam), let me share with you my take about the event.

* I knew from the start the there are not so many establishments in fun ranch, thus, less treats for the kids but since it's free, we opted to go. harhar.
*It's really hot there.  Even if there were fans, ceiling fans or wall fans, it would'nt be enough. I remember we seldom go there since the place is outdoors and then some establishments are airconed and going in and out of the aircon and non-aircon rooms can make kids sick. So when we had the trick or treat, I changed simone to her Zoe costume, a little more comfortable outfit than her Jesse outfit.  I saw some babies in overalls and really thick clothing.  Although i found it really cute, it's just so hot that they'd cry afterwards. :(
*The organizers were okay.  It's just that i hope they gave more leeway for the non-registered participants.  Apparently, it's an online pre-registration but i think about 75% of the participants there were non-registered (including us) so we have to wait an hour more from the start of the event to give way for the registered participants.  About 15 minutes before our time, i asked if we could line up already so we could get first.  And she said no as we'd have to wait exactly at 4pm.  I did'nt get it. Lining up will make their lives easier but she did'nt allow it. But other moms still lined up so we lined up as well. haha.
*Our kids enjoyed the treats.  Their pumpkins did'nt get full but it was a good experience :)

We're off to another trick or treating today! :)

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