Monday, October 25, 2010

The one with finally getting one

He finally got it. His new baby. Although it's not the latest model, he's happy he got one...finally...

My husband, whenever he's up to something, i'd definitely feel his desire need. haha. When he started doing some reserch about iphones and when i noticed how much he spends time surfing the net about user reviews or taking a peek of its prices on his favorite online store, I know that it would'nt be long before he finally decides to buy one. I never deprived him of anything. I guess he knew from the start what his limitations are and that's what's good about him. And we also have the same principle of "upgrading on a minimum", meaning selling what you have currently so you would'nt have to splurge so much or cash out a chunk of money to upgrade your tech needs. ;) So when we offered his Samsung to me, i knew that this is it. hahaha. and days after, he bought it.

Enjoy your gadget beh. :)

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