Saturday, January 08, 2011

The one with best day ever

"Is this the best day or what?!"  I remember how Monica of Friends (tv series) shouted this line when she got a lambhorgini (is this how you spell it?) from her dad and found out that Chandler's lazy boy chair is gone for good (apparently, she hated it).  I said the same words last January 4. :)

Funny how the day started with me as a couch potato.  I was'nt even at my wedding mood that day and it's Omel's wedding.  I know, I felt so bad thinking about not attending.  But shame on me if i raincheck on omel's wedding.  He invited all of us and i haven't seen the guy in years.  Omel, by the way, is a childhood friend.  We grew up together, we're HOMETOWN friends (as omel coined it).  Anyway, i still attended the wedding...reception (bad jacque!) I hitched on jon's car (jill's husband) and we were early at the reception. hahaha.  It was one of the best weddings i attended and here are some of the reasons which also caps off why it's one of the best days so far :)

~ Omel was so hands-on with the wedding and I really think he did a very good job.  Their suppliers were awesome.! Threelogy, K Cunanan, Baicapture, Sound salad, Blue Leaf as their reception venue :)
~ It's one of those weddings that you know is fancy and all those stuff but laid back at the same time.  Not laid back like you can lie on one of Blue Leaf's lanays or something but it's not as formal as other weddings are.  The crowd was great.  Everyone was just enjoying the food and the program.
~ Yeah the program was simple but entertaining.  Hats off to Atom
~ Love, as always, was in the air.  I super love Boots' gown.  And it's funny how Omel and Boots, different from each other, complete each other at the same time.  :) Amazing :)
~ I had a wonderful time with my childhood friends aka HOMETOWN friends. (hahaha) I did'nt realize i missed them until that day.  When Omel saw me during the pictorials, he hugged me tight. as in really tight while hug-bending me left and right.  Hug-bending is when you hug someone and while hugging them you move your bodies left and right, bending them sideways.  You do this because of glee and excitement. hahaha.  It was a long hug and we got to chat a little during that short pictorial moment. :)  I told my girlfriends (naan and jill) about that moment.  Omel may not have noticed or realized it but i was deeply touched with the gesture and naan told me that he must have missed me because it's been a long time since the last time we saw each other.  And then i just realized how much i miss all of them.  Ejay, the ever comic guy in the group; Egay, the corny one but his being corny makes it fun; and Omel. 
~ After the wedding, we had some pictorials using Egay's camera.  We abused his gadget and asked for more pictures. hahaha. Funny how Ejay kept on teasing all of us using the HOMETOWN friends line.  You see, Omel in his thank you speech, included us and addressed us as his hometown friends.  Well technically there's no better way to put it than that. It's just so funny since we never used that word. :P
~ And to cap off the evening, we met Herman Zapp of  After meeting him, all i could say was "thank you Lord for that opportunity".  Herman and Omel have a common friend who was there at the wedding.  To give you a short descrption, Herman Zapp and his family are from Argentina.  They (Herman and his wife) had a lifelong dream of being able to travel.  So when they married, they decided to pack and travel where the roads will lead them...literally.  Using their 1928 vehicle, they have been travelling on the road for 11 years.  They already have four children and are still travelling.  Their next stop...Philippines! They've been staying here for three months already.  Will post a separate entry on one of the most inspiring conversations i had. :)
~ You'd think that ends my day but no. :) When we got home, Simon gave me a gift and it's wrapped! I don't have the slightest idea that he's bought me a surprise. It's heavy and it's boxed.  So i thought, "this cant be my LV. hahaha" when i saw the name Samsung in the box, i knew it's a new laptop and i'm sooo happy!  Did'nt expect i'd upgrade right away.  Thank you so much beh.  It was a good surprise. love you!

Here are some pictures :)

 Hometown friends

Herman Zapp, Jill, Jacque, Naan

Now do you agree with me?! It's the best day right??? :) thank you Lord!

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