Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The one with dress fever

Ever since my sister in law, Merci, commented on how much dresses look good on me, I got two or three more comments from my other friends.  So the effect??? I found myself browsing stores for dresses i could wear. hahaha.  and it's so much fun to shop now coz it's clearance sale everywhere!!! Almost all stores i go to have dereon sale, inventory sale, up to 70% off! wow!

My latest good buy is a Bayo dress which i bought at 50% off.  i was originally eyeing a blouse at the same price but thought the dress would have been a better deal.  And it is! :)

I also love the black dress i bought at apple and eve but could'nt find the right occasion to wear it. :)

I love inventory sales!!! happy shopping!

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