Friday, January 28, 2011

The One With Excited For Simone's Birthday!

In a few days time, Simone will be having her birthday and I'm so excited! As a birthday treat, we're taking her to Hong Kong Disneyland and celebrate her birthday there :)

I always tend to reminisce about the days when Simone was younger and smaller, especially so when her birthday is approaching. I think all mothers can relate to that. I still remember when Simone was born, everybody was telling us how fair her skin was. Everybody kept teasing us about our difference in skin tone. I don't have a light skin tone but I don't have a dark skin either. I do think I have a good skin, in fact, I never had problems with pimples and often sympathize with some of my peers who always need benzaclin reviews or some such kind to treat their skin. Simon wasn't as fair as Simone too. So that when we all stand together for a picture, except for her features Simone doesn't look like our daughter :) And she's one pretty kid (if I may say so!).

And we're so blessed to have her in our lives. We'll treat her to Disneyland every month if we could! Happy Birthday Simone!

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