Thursday, January 27, 2011

The one with seventh day

After three weeks, the new househelp left us. :( and i'm all alone again carrying all the load of maintaining the house, taking care of simone and managing the business.  I was caught offhand when she left but it seemed that she's not up for the work as she has a very thin body frame, she looks anemic too so we did'nt ask too many questions if she'd come back or whatever. :(

I just feel sad coz  i just started getting adjusted with having a househelp again and now, we're back to zero.  I'd have to put on my supermom hat again but just thinking about it makes me tired.  Even God had His seventh day to rest.  I was praying that patience be my virtue, strength be my guide and a calm heart be my soul. :) First day of yayaless and my face looked like i needed to treat acne.  I just hope this won't take a while and sooner or later, we'd find a new help. :)

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