Friday, January 14, 2011

The One With The Job Application

Recently, I was talking to my sister in law who's been working in a call center company for years. She's been forever complaining about the many disadvantages of working in such a company, but like most responsible employees, she just couldn't leave the job just like that, what with the kind of economy that we have today.

She's got a supervisory position and her schedule is more predictable, but now that she's married, I just can't blame her for wanting to have a new post with a different, "normal" kind of schedule. Her biggest concern before was that her schedule was making her fat. Really, if I could just give her some diet energy pills so she'll have the energy without gaining a lot of weight, I'd have done so before now.

Well, she's got a lot to think about now, not least of those is maintaining her health to be ready for when she becomes pregnant.

I hope that she gets the job with the ideal job schedule soon. Good luck sis! You can do it!

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